About Christopher Thompson

Christopher A. Thompson as an Entrepreneur, International Motivational Speaker and Leadership Expert based out of Jacksonville, Fl. After successfully retiring himself and his wife, Danni, from Corporate America, he is currently launching his biggest project yet. Their mission is to work with families and individuals who also aspire to free themselves from a cycle of survival and shift them to a thriving life based on living on your own terms. He’s found freedom through entrepreneurship and is focused on identifying modern age “Talented Tenth” who are willing to be coached and mentored to achieving that same level of freedom.

Professional Bio

After graduating from UNF’s Coggin College of business in 2009, Christopher began his career in banking and finance. Over the course of his tenure at one of the premier global banks in the world he was able to excel across multiple teams and advance through the corporate ranks. Although “successful” by most people’s criteria, something was missing. After being asked to speak in front of hundreds of upcoming graduates who would potentially enroll at the University of North Florida, he found his passion sharing a vision for a brighter future and adding value to other based on his own experiences. This, over time, would evolve into speaking in front capacity crowds across the United States and, eventually, live webcasts around the world.

One day, after reading the quote by Booker T. Washington, “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others,” Christopher realized that his mission was not just to motivate people, but to show them step-by-step how they, too, could achieve entrepreneurial freedom. After partnering with two very successful businessmen from Dubai and Dallas, TX, Christopher is now pioneering a digital platform that can show anyone, regardless of age, race, religion or even location, how to achieve their dreams. At its current pace, the project is on track to help over 1,000 people become full time entrepreneurs over the next 2 years.