About Nadine Ebri

Nadine Ebri graduated from the University of North Florida in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, and will complete her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership in August 2018. Nadine has taught elementary school students for the past five years and will be teaching middle school mathematics for
Duval County Public Schools. Nadine Ebri is internationally known for the viral long-division video created by her fifth-grade class. After receiving over 17 million views, the video has inspired her to create additional educational videos for educators with tips and techniques on how to teach engaging mathematics lessons to a generation consumed by technology. Due to the demand for culturally relevant mathematics instruction, Nadine launched her very own tutoring company in Jacksonville, Florida – Ebri Education.

Over the last three years, Nadine has served as a guest lecturer for college courses at UNF, teaching pre-service teachers about her pedagogical practices of incorporating hip hop into education. Additionally, at the

2017 International Teacher Leadership Conference held in Miami, Florida, Nadine was charged with facilitating a break-out session entitled “From the Classroom to the Community: Service as the best form of leadership”. This session provided teachers with strategies on how they can close the achievement gap in Title I schools by
using culturally relevant instructional methods. She also presented at the TEACH Conference WJCT in Jacksonville Florida, where she facilitated a session directed to pre-service interns and first-year teachers, entitled, “What I Wish My Professors Would Have Told Me”. Nadine Ebri’s effectiveness as a teacher has spoken for itself through her students’ improvements and gains throughout the school years. For the 2014-2015 school year, Nadine’s students received the most growth in both reading and math for their grade levels, and the highest-grade level achievements in both subjects as well. Furthermore, in addition to being one of the final nominees for Teacher of the Year at Woodland Acres Elementary during the 2015-2016 School Year, Nadine was also the recipient of the Eagles Award (Teacher of the year) at La Core Christian Elementary during the 2016-2017 school year. Still, Nadine has realized that teaching is more than just imparting knowledge into students. In a community
where crime is prevalent and youth are falling victims to peer pressure and despondency, Nadine has used her platform to teach students the importance of being good citizens and demonstrating positive qualities. She does this by bridging the gap between students and their communities. Nadine has brought her students into the community to feed the homeless on Saturdays, read to pets at the Jacksonville Human Society Animal Shelter, and participate in the Making Strides of Jacksonville Breast Cancer Walk for two consecutive years. Nadine has also brought in influential members of the community, including Tracie Davis (state representative
from District 13), Destiny McKiever (news anchor from Channel 4 News), and Clement Ebri, Sr. (former governor of Cross River State, Nigeria), to speak to her students and provide them with knowledge and skills to help them succeed. Nadine believes in showcasing her students’ work and has authored a book composed of 18 original poems written by her students – Living Through Poetry. Nadine’s short-term goal is to use her degree in Educational Leadership to assume more leadership roles outside of her classroom, so that she can support teachers in developing their pedagogical practices and
cultural competence. She also desires to lead by serving those who have the most need, so that they too can experience academic success. Her long-term goal is to open up schools in Jacksonville, Florida and the country of Nigeria where high-achieving but under served students are afforded with opportunities to learn and
succeed. Nadine’s motto is, “Every child can learn.” She believes that each student should be provided with an environment that is conducive to their learning style, so that they can reach their highest potential. As an aspiring school administrator, she is a strong advocate for supporting both teachers and families in their efforts to best serve the students. By doing this, a culture of excellence is created in the school, which will eventually
trickle down into the community. Here are a few links to get to know more about Nadine:

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